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My family took delivery of our Series I Grand Wagoneer about a month ago. Here is a weird story. A few days after we got it, my wife's friend said she thought we got a Grand version... she was confused when she saw the rear as it had large lettering just saying Wagoneer. The doors both say Grand Wagoneer. The options installed are obviously only for a Grand Wagoneer. The VIN checks out as Grand Wagoneer. Some moron at the factory put the wrong lettering on the rear. The dealership (Hendrick) got the right lettering sent from Jeep. They were swapping it but jacked up the paint. So now our $100K brand new ride is at the body shop already. All covered and warrantied but... very frustrating. Does anyone else's had the Grand missing on the name badging on the rear? View attachment 1629
View attachment 1628
So sorry to hear this! If you'd like some extra support, we are happy to help. Send our team a private message to discuss further.

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