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First: I love this vehicle, added to my Jeep collection, the fit, feel, comfort, & styling.
That said Very Disappointed with the U connect screen and controls:
  • Apple car play is intermittent
  • Media soft screen button will not operate while driving unless multilabel attempts are made.
  • Driver seat heater shuts off after 3-5 minuets of operation
  • Phone connection cuts in and out
After taking delivery from dealer on a Sunday, discovering issues over first three days, a Wednesday, a follow up to the service department thinking it was user error seeking assistance I was told to make a service appointment ( Some time next week) Normanden Jeep in San Jose, Ca
This was my 3rd and last new car purchase from you guys.
For the record i am a huge Jeep fan:
2006 Jeep JK
2016 Compass
2018 Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk
2021 Gladiator Rubicon
2021 Jeep JL sport.

I expect better attention given my customer loyalty, I was sadly disappointed

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Mine was in the shop for a week the day after I took delivery. Regarding car play, I use android auto and it's no better. However, I don't think it's a uconnect issue as it sucks in my ford as well.

Definitely some bugs to be worked out but just like you I do love the car just hope they get the kinks worked out and treat people right who have to deal with it.

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CarPlay with the ole iPhone’s has been spotty. Cuts in and out during music.
like you said the touch screen seems to require multiple attempts at times.
seems like our screen has gotten better.
I still need to invest time and read the manual and probably reset the drive profiles and phones.
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