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Has anyone towed their Wagoneer with an RV using the instructions in the manual? The instructions for using the Wagoneer as an RV toad are about clear as mud and has several errors in it that could really damage your transmission or drive train if followed word for word. The worst error is “push the start button twice to turn off after placing system in neutral then release the parking brake”. How in the world can you release the parking brake when the vehicle is off?? It cannot be done. Perhaps the instructions have been rewritten by now but I am not aware of it. I have pulled Jeeps for over twenty years so this isn’t my first rodeo. Any insight is appreciated. I follow them as close as I can and seems to work ok but at times I get all kinds of electrical errors when restarting including engine light on. After a few miles and several restarts they all clear themselves. Next time everything works normally.
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