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Grand Wagoneer SIII owner experiencing many of the same issues as all of you. Just got back from 2,000 mile road trip and for the past week have intermittently been getting a message “SOS call cannot connect with Airbag System. Please see you dealer.” Following the message I need to press ok to clear the screen and then the little red airbag warning on the dash is on. I noticed the red light by the SOS button on the ceiling by the rear view mirror is also on. Then for no specific reason the light goes off. I am getting notices on my app and through email that I have an airbag issue that requires visiting dealership. I just got home today and will have seen promptly at dealership although light is not currently on. I have had this message approximately 10 times in the last week (frustrating every time). At first I thought could be that I was in Blue Ridge Georgia and cellular service was spotty but same thing happened throughout ride home when I know cellular service should be strong. Anyone else have a similar isssue? I’ll report back to the forum after I get more information from the dealership.
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