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I'm pretty sure FCA reads this if you could communicate to the product planning people, which FCA paint colors would you like to see offered on the Grand Wagoneer?

I'm a big fan of FCA's paint colors overall--they really have some inspiring metallic colors across the different FCA brands--and one color that has been drawing me lately is the "Canyon Sunset" color recently added to the Chrysler 300. Would be a great color on a Grand Wagoneer with black trim.



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I would like to see some overlap of colors from the Grand Cherokee

2020 Grand Cherokee Diamond Black

Diamond Black
2020 Grand Cherokee Slate Blue

Slate Blue
2020 Grand Cherokee Sangria

2020 Grand Cherokee Granite Crystal

Granite Crystal
2020 Grand Cherokee Billet Silver

Billet Silver
2020 Grand Cherokee Ivory

Ivory Pearl Tri-Coat
2020 Grand Cherokee Bright White

Bright White
2020 Grand Cherokee Walnut Brown

Walnut Brown
2020 Grand Cherokee Velvet Red

Velvet Red

2020 Grand Cherokee Sting Gray

Sting Gray
2020 Grand Cherokee Redline 2

Redline 2
2020 Grand Cherokee Green Metallic

Green Metallic

I think Sangria would be cool!
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