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Needless to say, we love our Wagoneer!! BUT we are on our 2nd one in 2 months. Our first one had multiple screen issues to May to list. Then one day at 2200 miles the oil filter busted. We were so excited when a Series 3 showed up to the lot, so we purchased it. Even thought it wasn't the color we wanted or didn't have the back entertainment system. After all the problems we decided to trade if we could find the right color and one with the entertainment package. Well we got lucky and found it at the same dealer. The Dealer has been good and even traded us even since we had so many problems. That being said here we are on day two of ownership of our LOADED Series 2 not really sure why its a 2 we have every option except the center refrigerator, night vision and fam cam. From day one we have already started hearing a pooping sound in the rear that sounds like its coming from lift gate. Also we are having every issue with the screens that everyone else is having. No sound in the front, can not control the screens in the front along with it saying not available. We are defiantly frustrated.
Hope to find help

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