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New Owner Questions

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Just received our new S3 GW, and I have a couple of questions.

Is there a way to open the Lift Gate from the drivers seat. I cannot find a button or switch.

When using the ACC is there a setting which allows the vehicles system to match the posted speed. It appears you have to manually change the speed when the posted limit changes.
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The liftgate switch from the driver’s seat is located on your overhead console. I attached a picture and circled the switch red for you. I do not know about ACC with matching the posted speed limit.

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Thank you.
I appreciate the quick reply. I knew it had to be somewhere.
flrsb62, took me awhile to find the switch too. So many buttons. Also took me forever to figure out how to lock the sunglass case compartment to expose the mirror only.
Salesman showed us the "conversation Mirror". We would have never figured that out. Lots of tech and fine adjustments to dial in.

Thanks again,
Yea, but I hate novels. I am short story kid of guy. Just kidding of course. I did look in the manual but did not see it. Not saying it is not there, I just did not see it.
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