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I bought my WS1 (Black with the grey'ish second tone) back in September here in Anchorage. I needed something strong enough to pull my camper, and big enough for my 2 kids and 2 dogs. We have had a ton of snow and I have to admit, it handles the snow like a boss. Drove 9 miles to work in 2.5' of snow a couple of months ago, it was a blast. Looking forward to seeing how it handles my camper (Kodiak Cub 196BH) this summer when we do our rounds up here.

I haven't really ever modded or upgraded a vehicle before, but I think I am going to convince my wife to let me put the Black Rhino Sentinal Gloss Cobalt rims on this with some true all season/all weather tires (Falken WildPeak AT3Ws or similiar) along with the GOBI stealth rack/ladder (will help the move next summer from AK to the lower 48 with storage options).

Take care!
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