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I was at the Jeep dealer yesterday poking around at Grand Cherokees and I saw a W SII that looked fantastic. It's a 2022 with a sticker of 74k with destination so I think it's a basic series II vehicle but nice nonetheless. The dealer was offering it for under 64 thousand bucks with some big finish rebate from Stellantis and a huge MSRP cut on their end.

I'm really tempted but I was poking around a bunch of forums yesterday and it seems these vehicels seem to be quite problem ridden. Is this just with early builds? Are there things I should look out for? I sure I should ask for TSB/campaingns, recalls and software updates have been done.

My wife, my dog and I like to drive all over the country and occaisionally get off the beat and path, nothing too crazy, and that's why I was looking at GC but Wagoneer with the discounts is cheaper. I plan on going to test drive it today but I am sure that won't disappoint. Avoid, proceed with caution, or it's ok?

The price on this is less than a well equipped Sahara 4xe, yes I know very different but from a value prop it seems fantastic.

Cheers all
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