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I purchased a Grand Wagoneer Series III 6/20/22 fully loaded minus the rear entertainment system which I chose not to get.
only had 3 miles when it was delivered and I have 1750 worry free miles and I love everything about my Grand Wagoneer Series 3 for those complaining about the vehicle. All I have to say is every brand of SUV has problems as well. Coming from Lincoln Navigator. I can say every Lincoln Navigator I have ever owned the A/C actuator always goes out and you hear a clicking noise in the rear or in the front. I have owned 9 Lincoln Navigator’s and Still Own a 2010 LincNav with 132k miles on it. So hopefully I can get that many miles or more from my GWS3 with proper maintenance that I will keep up with, so far I am enjoying the switch to my new GWS3. Don’t listen to negative vibes on the GW. Go get you one you won’t regret it. I have Baltic Grey with Blue Agave interior. I can say since owning the GWS3 it has a much better interior than the Navigator or Escalade More horse power and better towing capacity. I only thing I don’t like is the gas mileage and they only give you 3/36k on warranty 5/60k on power train where other brands give you 4/50k warranty. Oh well I’ll see how it holds up and if not then no problem. I will just switch to a different brand SUV. So far I am extremely pleased with my Baltic Grey / Blue Agave interior Grand Wagoneer Series III. I still exceptionally happy with my GWS3 , I feel kind of bad for all of those having problems. I waited awhile before I purchased my GWS3 so all the glitches and problems were resolved. I will continue to update as I get more miles on it, right now only have 4700 miles still going strong 💪🏽
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