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So I just started working on my grandad's old 79 Wagoneer and replaced the battery and turned the sucker on to see if it would turn over at least. (It had been sitting for a while.)

Now it turned over but then I took the key out and she kept turning over. I took the negative terminal off to get it to stop. Which may have blown the fusible links or hopefully not anything worse.

I'm thinking the fusible links were bad originally which is what caused it to keep running when the ignition switched was turned off. I took a look at them while replacing the battery and they didn't look healthy but thought I should give it a shot anyway which probably caused the main issue.

Now I am not sure what to do. The negative battery post sparked when I tried to reattach the terminal. Im thinking I have done some pretty serious damage. But would love some opinions on where to go from here.

Will probably send it to a mechanic but would love to know what I am dealing with. Don't have much experience with electrical issues at all but I feel pretty dumb and could use some gentle advice lol.

Thank you!
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