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Leather Cleaning

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Just picked up a Series I. Any product recommendations for cleaning the leather seats? Mopar? I plan to wipe them down weekly or as needed with a damp cloth but I was curious if I needed a product to preserve the seat material.
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leather honey has been my recent goto out of the plethora of products I've used, but its kinda on the pricey side. I've also had good luck with lexol. mopar is currently in bed with chemical guys so you'd just be getting their off the shelf products(not saying thats a bad thing). I current use some of their other products, namely interior clean, but haven't had a chance to try out their 2 part leather system.

If you are going to clean/wipe down weekly then I'd say you are the perfect candidate for a straight conditioner, like the products mentioned above. Little more work involved over the clean/condition combo products, but the results will be a bit better and you really only need to condition a few times a year. I'm not a huge fan of leather cleaners as I don't feel like they are needed by 90% of users. Unless you like driving your Waggy without a shirt on, the only part of the seat I feel needs a mild degreaser for body oils is the head rest. I have kids that play soccer year round and ski, so its salt and mud/dirt central in the back seat. I still only use a damp cloth to wipe it down. If I'm lazy I may wipe it down quickly with the interior clean while I'm cleaning the dash.

How often you apply depends on your conditions, but there is no reason to apply more than 3-4 times a year max. That max would be if you live in the south, park outside and leave the pano open all day in direct sun. Most people I feel like fall into the twice a year bucket. Keep in mind conditioners work best when the seats are warm as the pores are open to absorb more. Applying in a MI winter for instance does almost no good and you will end up wiping away 90% of the product you put down.
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