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I know we've been posting lots of info about some issues and quirks as we get these new vehicles off the line but I wanted to share an awesome expereince I had as part of service.

We purchased a new GW Series 3 and had a small list of issues to address after we took possession of the car (failed rear entertainment remote, freezing rear screen, physical break on garage door button, service light, missing key fob).

I had the best service experince ever, and I've been able to work with a few car brands (porsche, chevrolet, gmc. ford) and it was great. Client services reached out to check on me and setup a loaner (brand new Cherokee L as a wagoneer wasnt avaialble on the lot) and appointment. The service manager in Seattle Jeep (JJ) was awesome and made it totally seamless. Great communication, quick resolution, and even called me after hours to accomodate my schedule for another update.Client services continued to stay in touch to check on progress and also helped answer a number of other questions I had as a new owner. The service manager gave me his personal number and for follow ups. Wow.

A few follows ups to go but I am super impressed with the service. I hope others expereince the same thing if need some service....I was super impressed. Kudos!
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