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I’ll be honest. I have one issue- the wireless charger doesn’t seem to charge either a pixel or iPhone. I’m working with my local dealer to resolve this and I do expect it to get resolved. It’s just a matter of getting time to follow through with what has been asked of me.

I did a 1000 mile trip this weekend with more headwind on the outbound leg than tailwind on the return. But got ~17.5 on mainly back country 2 lane roads going around 75 for 90% of the drive.

money thing that was a very pleasant surprise was the get up and go. One of those two lane roads I got caught behind a semi doing 20 below the posted speed limit. I didn’t pay attention to the speedo until it was safe to do so and I was passed the truck and back in the correct lane and close to 100. It felt peppier than my 08 RRS SC.
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