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Fans of the Jeep brand will soon enjoy some exciting new models.

Contained in a press release meant to announce new financial investment and new job creation at FCA were a few nuggets of information about the future of Jeep.
The off-road brand, along with Ram, is a fiscal powerhouse for FCA and brings in much of the profits that keep the lights on in Auburn Hills. This week’s announcement confirmed what we’ve been expecting for a long time: new product including a sorely needed three-row model.

FCA is calling them “Jeep-branded white space products” meant to compete in key market segments. The term ‘white space’ doesn’t refer to snow on Mars but instead is meant to reference markets in which Jeep does not currently play, such as the three-row market and uber-luxury segment. Speaking to those two rigs, the statement specifically says the Warren Truck 2017 investment will increase to $1.5-billion for production of an all-new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

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I'm excited to see the level of luxury these Wagoneers can deliver. The Chrysler Pacifica was a great first look in a more affordable segment at what FCA can do. They now dominate that segment. Could the same happen here?
Jeep can really turn things around and offer a model that really takes after the Escalade and Lincoln Navigator, but will they?
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