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Jeep Teases 2022 Wagoneer Grille and Infotainment: Full Debut September 3
We’ll finally see the new Jeep range-topper in a matter of days.

Jeep is keeping us guessing with the 2022 Wagoneer. The American brand began the teases last week with our first look at the three-row model’s golden badge. Now we’ve got two more peeks at the upcoming model, and a date: September 3.

That’s when we’ll see the Wagoneer—and a likely extended-wheelbase Grand Wagoneer variant—in full. It’s no secret that Jeep is long overdue for a new three-row since the Commander disappeared from the lineup in 2010. Jeep’s Jim Morrison confirmed it was coming earlier this year, after all. The Wagoneer will bring the brand back to that valuable segment, and it looks like it will draw from the nameplate’s heritage to do it.

The new teaser gives us a close up look at the grille. Jeep has gone for an ornate look, with the traditional seven-slot grille gaining a whole bunch of interior slats. The frame itself also goes a different route, with a clear (glass?) coating showing off the technical pattern within.

There’s not much to it, because teaser gotta teaser, but from what we can make out, the new-age Wagoneer looks to be drawing inspiration from it’s ’60s era grandpa, the J-Series Wagoneer. Here’s a photo from FCA’s own archives, showing the same mid-grille bend and multi-slat layout:
The other teaser is a bit harder to call. It’s a knurled control knob from the interior, but that’s about all we can make out from this angle. Could it be a new interface for the Uconnect 5 system the Wagoneer will feature? Maybe. It does seem to sit on a huge slab of a photographer’s worst nightmare though: piano black trim. This may be the only time we’ll ever see it free of fingerprints.

Rumors persist that the Wagoneer twins won’t use the Durango’s platform, but instead a version of the one found under the Ram 1500. Expect a lineup of V6 and V8 engines, and possibly even a plug-in hybrid using Jeep’s new 4xe badging. We’ll hopefully find out those details and more when Jeep pulls back the sheet early next month.

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