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A Grand Wagoneer prototype was doing some testing and thanks to these new spy photos we have a sneak peek at what the interior looks like.

Inside there are a lot of similarities to the Grand Wagoneer Concept but it's not a direct copy of the concept's interior. One of the biggest differences is that there's one screen missing in the center console of the prototype compared to the Grand Wagoneer concept that had two. Instead there appears to be a push-activated storage cubby installed instead. The cubby cover is retracted and there appears to be a thin chrome push point visible.

Another smaller difference is that there's different detailing on the grilles covering the front-door speakers. But that could be a lower-spec sound system that's installed.

Since the prototype still have interior and exterior camouflage still on it's not possible to do more comparisons with the concept. But it begs the question about how much different the Grand Wagoneer production model will look compared to the concept.

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