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Doug DeMuro shares his thoughts on the Grand Wagoneer. He talks about Jeep using the concept as a way to draw eyes back on Jeep and not on the Bronco and how he would prefer it to be a bit more retro looking.

I totally agree with Doug about the dealership experience. The two locale Jeep dealers near me are totally different. One of the dealers did a full remodel and separated his showrooms. The Dodge/RAM/Chrysler show room is separate and his Jeep showroom is a whole separate building. The other dealer still has somewhat of the old CDJR setup with everything together and it gives me the feeling that I'm stepping into a 90's oil quick lube service shop. I really don't like to be there and I much rather service my vehicle at the other nicer dealership. The service is better there as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts