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Is anyone else seeing this?

-Leaking sunroof passenger side and mic dropping water
-Left driver center brake light fogging up
-Passenger chair under seat cap seems loose
-Hood not aligned correctly, further down on one side
-Leather passenger defect, lower bottom
-Passenger rear tv buggy, black state and constantly recycling
-Rear sync ac won't work from main unit
-Passenger door handle had rubber piece coming out under handle
-windshield can look distorted in lower center
-When first purchased power steering failed and car was undrivable. Had to unplug Battery and reset all fuses.

Thank you for your help

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YUP....both my tail lights get moisture in them and my sunroof does leak also, as far as the rear screens go, they have a mind of their own, i have nevr had them on but they go on and off whenever they want and if you dont catch it they will drain the batt. my hvac sync only stays synced 10-15 minutes then rear goes off. welcome to the proud GW owners club! UGH!
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