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Fit and Finish issues?

  • I had a few minor issues

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  • Fit and finish on mine was so bad I had to lemon it!

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Fit and finish quality

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Just thought it would be interesting for members to voice their experience with the interior and exterior Fit and Finish of their Wagoneers and Grand Wagoneers. This is strictly a fit and finish thread, so not counting mechanical, electrical or Uconnect issues. So we're talking panel gaps, panel rattling, paint defects, misalignment, bad stitching, broken trim, etc.

I added a poll, so please vote. A description of the problems would be helpful too.
And please post the YEAR and model (Wag or G.Wag) you have. We know the 1st model year had some issues, so it would be interesting if they got their QC act together for the 2nd model year (2023).
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