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Wagoneer Series II-Is anyone seeing a warped image on driver's exterior mirror?

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We purchased our 2022 Wagoneer Series II yesterday.
Since we did a test drive with the 2022 Wagoneer Series III at another dealership, we didn't think it was necessary to do another test drive with the Series II we purchased.
When we drove the vehicle home (hour drive), I noticed the driver's side mirror had a warped image when viewing the highway lines and median. The right passenger mirror is fine.
We called our salesman when we returned home, and he said he would talk with the service department the next day. He called us back this morning and said he looked at the other Wagoneers on the lot, and all the vehicles have a warped view from the driver side mirror. He really couldn't explain why and asked us to bring in the vehicle.
We have a good rapport with our salesman, but we told him we would take it to the local Jeep dealership closer to where we live.
I also called the customer care number, and they will have a "Wagoneer Specialist" call me on Monday.
Is anyone else having this issue with the driver's side mirror? The right passenger mirror is fine.
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