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YO WAGONEER LOVERS, what is going on with the prices of Wagoneers? I am a surfer and would love to put my boards in the back of this ride. The asking price is $34,000 though and it is 32 years old! I am new to the game here and looking for tips and advice from all you guys.

I love this wagoneers and would love to own this classic. I've been looking at some Wagoneers and reading about them but before I made a large decision I wanted to check with you all if there is anything that I should look into:

Some things that I will be looking out for during my inspection today:

  • noises in the engine
  • check transmission for slips jolts etc
  • verify all electrics / features / lights,
  • coolant or oil leaks
odometer: 131480
Is that a lot of miles or not? Buyer says low miles...I'm not sure....

If you guys have any suggestions on what to look for, it would be greatly appreciated. I also have the VIN and will be running a history report. Buyer says Clean title. I'll post it soon. Looking forward to all of your comments and feedback.



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