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So for those of you who have been struggling to find seatbelt extenders that fit the stubby 2nd row seats see below. I was able to modify the standard sized ones you can get everywhere to work.

Disclaimer: This is a safety item and I in no way support, condone, or otherwise suggest that modifying the seatbelt extenders as I have below is safe, legal or for anything other than informational purposes.

The issue with the 2nd row seats is they use a stubby male buckle that will not go far enough into a standard extender to latch properly. I cut away part of the housing to allow the buckle to go further into the connector to allow for a firm connection and viola it works. I hung on and 'slack yanked' the seatbelt and had no issues with unintended release. I ended up cutting deeper than needed just to make sure I had a gap to ensure the male connector was going all the way into the latching catch. As you can see you don't need to trim away much depth wise. Ignore the hack job cuts, this was just for a quick POC. I plan on using my other one to make a prettier job using the right side sizing as my template.

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