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We bought a WS3 in February fully loaded. First couple months of having the car was great. Now we are having some annoying issues. First the sunglass holder won't go up anymore. Then the rear seat fold button on the passenger side rear seat came undone and is just hanging by wires. Then the windshield wiper fluid won't spray on the windshield. Its all spraying upfront soaking the camera up there and spraying about 4 feet in the air.

Then last week we were driving down the interstate and the car just wouldn't go any faster. Put the pedal all the way down and it would not budge. Pulled off, turned it off and back on and it was fine. The assisted driving light came on and started beeping right before. For a 100k car this is super annoying.

Did have a good experience with the Wagoneer customer support team and they have it going in next week and are getting me a 3rd row loaner.
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