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For those still having issues with their battery draining, I read in a Grand Cherokee forum that they are having issues with batter drain as a result of the rear latch. I just so happened to be having an issue with my rear latch and took it to the dealer. I asked them to make a note about finding some info that the issue could be related to that and so they verified it with the codes. Apparently the rear latch was cycling between open and close circuit causing the battery to drain. They replaced the part and verified there were no more codes and I pretty much drive around with the voltage meter showing and check it throughout the day because now I'm paranoid. I have read that replacing the latch fixes the issue and some say it's only temporary until it fails again. For this reason, I plan on getting a NOCO Jump Starter because I don't think it's miraculously going to resolve itself. Whatever caused the fault will likely break again. If that happens, I'm definitely getting rid of this car. I love it... but not enough to have to deal with this issue again.
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