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From everything I've been able to find, there is no way to turn off the super annoying 3 horn beeps when you get out of the car with it still running and close the door back. (It's part of the "key fob has left the vehicle alert".)

There's plenty of times I might get out of the car leave it running and honking the horn 3 times is beyond annoying. Most other makes that have this "feature" at least have a way to turn it off, but they only solution I'm aware at this point is to pull the fuse for the horn altogether, which isn't a great solution.

I know "Tazer" has finally made it a part of the customization options for the Wrangler, and recently introduced it for the Ram, but nothing for the Wagoneer. If anyone knows of a way to get rid of this horrible "feature", please share.
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