Jeep has revealed a new 3-row SUV in Brazil for Latin America that they're calling the Commander. What's interesting is that it's based on the Jeep Compass!

It'd be interesting if Jeep did this to the Compass in North America. It'd be much more appealing than the current Compass.

(Translated from Portuguese)

Jeep® delivers Easter Eggs from Commander's latest teaser

- In the middle of the teaser there was a photo. In fact, two: at the beginning and at the end of the film

The Easter Eggs present in Jeep® cars are part of the brand's tradition. It wouldn't be different with the Jeep Commander, which will be released on August 26th. The model brings some traditional figures and other new ones camouflaged in its interior and exterior with its own striking personality. In the last video the brand also hid some secrets for them to be discovered. As in the previous ones, the track brought a message in Morse Code. In the fourth teaser the text was “Made and developed in Brazil”. In addition, two photos of the Jeep Commander were disguised between the footage of the video: both 5.98 seconds from the beginning and end in allusion to the model's internal project name: 598.

Jeep® reveals Commander's full exterior

  • Featuring the entire model, video reveals the interior and exterior for the first time of the real car
  • Exclusive track brings new message in morse code

Jeep® today launches the fourth Commander teaser. After revealing external details and the letters “E” and “R” in the first video, the full name and silhouette in the second and the comfortable, sophisticated and technological interior in the third, now the car's exterior is presented in full. In the images, it is possible to see scenes of all the sophistication of the interior and exterior of the real vehicle for the first time. The previous videos used 3D images of the Jeep Commander produced by the Stellantis Design Center.

On the outside, the Full LED optics integrated with the traditional and striking seven Jeep slits in the grille and the new dynamic arrows, the Commander logo with exclusive copper details, the robust lines of the rear with the sophistication of the signature of the headlamps and the acronym that presents the name of the new Overland version.

Then, inside, the modern steering wheel and technology of the Full Digital cluster and the floating multimedia center stand out, as well as the refinement of the panel finish in two materials, with black leather and brown suede with Burnished Cooper stitching, the seats in brown leather also with details in brown suede and classic embroidery on the backrest, until reaching the armrest with the inscription Jeep 1941. Finally, the car is revealed on the track.

Composed exclusively for the video, the soundtrack remains one of the highlights of the teaser and uses morse code again, as in the other videos, with the message “Made and developed in Brazil”. This time, it prepares those watching for the big moment of the car's revelation, starting more slowly and reaching its peak in the revelation of the entire model and bringing new easter eggs for those who like to discover secrets.

The new Jeep was developed from the beginning at the Betim Automotive Pole, in Minas Gerais, in partnership with the Goiana Automotive Pole, in Pernambuco, in addition to bringing a global concept. The Commander is the only SUV of the D-segment, that is, large SUVs, designed in Brazil. The Jeep Commander will be launched on August 26 and raises the brand's luxury level in the South American region. It is produced in Pernambuco and will be exported to other Latin American countries.