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‘22 vs ‘23 Grand Wagoneer differences

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Recently traded our ‘22 in for a ‘23 L and was told by the “Wagoneer specialist” at our local “Wagoneer Certified” dealership that the only difference was the motor and the dimensions.

Turns out, that is not true. I figured I would make a thread to track the differences we end up discovering so others are aware before they make the same decision we did (or are deciding between a 22 and a 23).

2022 does not have auto start/stop - 2023 does (like the Wagoneers) and there is not a way to permanently disable this like on the Cherokee and Wrangler (yet).

Our 2022 had a "premium tint infrared reflective glass (IRR)" on the front windshield, featuring a noticeable cutout to the right of the rearview mirror that required a radar detector to be hung from the passenger visor to function. The 2023 does not show this cutout and it's unclear if the infrared tint is still a standard feature of the 2023 GW or not, but it is still listed in the owners manual.

There is a cargo track system in the rear cargo area with adjustable attachment points.
There is a mute button under the storage compartment beneath the radio.

Any other noteworthy differences users find, feel free to post up and I’ll keep the OP updated.
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Gents, I did the same search you are doing, and noticed that I was paying a hell of a lot more attention than my dealer. Imagine that. The L models have Cargo track system built into the trunk area, standard wheel base does not.

We will add more as we notice more. . .
There is a cargo track system that is a nice bonus.

Theres also a “mute” button below the storage under the stereo system.
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